Miami Valley Rideshare Website


The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission sponsors the local RIDESHARE Program which is available for FREE to anyone who lives, works or attends college or school in Montgomery, Greene, Miami, Preble, Darke and Clinton Counties. When you register for RIDESHARE, we will try to match you with others who live and work (or attend college/school) near you. You'll receive a match list of people who have similar schedules and destinations. You can call them and make arrangements to form a carpool. Remember, just by sharing the ride with one other person, you can cut your commuting costs in half.

For your convenience, you can sign up for RIDESHARE online and update your record too.


Guaranteed Ride Home Program

If you register for RIDESHARE, you are automatically eligible for the free Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program. This program provides ridesharers with a guaranteed ride in case of an emergency. GRH reimburses registered participants 80% of the cost of a taxicab ride (up to four times in a 12-month period). You can use GRH if:

  • You or a member of your family becomes ill;
  • You unexpectedly must work past your normal quitting time;
  • Your regular carpool/vanpool driver has to leave early.

Download the GRH reimbursement form.


If you have a long commute (over 25 miles one-way) you and a group of up to 14 people may be interested in leasing a van on a monthly basis. There's a place on the RIDESHARE application to indicate your interest in vanpooling. Just fill that in for a list of potential vanpoolers.

The monthly lease rate is based on the size of the vehicle, number of people riding in the van and the average monthly mileage. The monthly lease rate is divided among the passengers and each pays the same amount each month.

Pool to School

Pool to School
Sign up for Pool to School to share a ride with others in you school

If you're an elementary or high school student who wants to carpool to school, the Rideshare Program's "Pool to School" option can help match you with others students attending the same school.  If your parents want to form a carpooling arrangement with other parents, or if you are in high school and your school doesn't provide busing, this option is for you. 

Please click here to access the Pool To School program application form.

Pedal Pals

If you are interested in biking to work with others, there's a place on the RIDESHARE application where you can indicate that also.

To join any of those programs, just fill out the RIDESHARE application online. Or, call 223-SAVE or 1-800-743-SAVE to talk to a RIDESHARE representative.

Ten Tips for Successful Ridesharing


  1. Meet with your future "poolers" before the trips.
  2. Determine morning/evening pickup points, route and time schedule.
  3. Establish a "driver schedule" which identities who drives and when.
  4. Agree on smoking, eating, drinking and music policies.
  5. Be on time. Decide, as a group, how long the driver is to wait.
  6. Establish a chain of communication to notify each other in case of illness or other changes.
  7. If a member of the group doesn't drive, determine a method for reimbursing driving expenses.
  8. Be courteous. Don't blow your horn repeatedly for your passengers and passengers, be ready to go.
  9. Remember, conversation isn't always necessary. Some prefer to sleep or work during the ride.
  10. Contact RIDESHARE if you need another pooler to receive an updated list.